Horoscopes 3-29-12




You need to deal with a situation that is somewhat imposing — but your mental energy lets you handle it in a way that impresses all the right people. Make it look easy and you can move forward quickly.


Try not to get too excited by big deals today — you need to curb your impulse to buy everything that looks good in the moment. When you wake up tomorrow, you don’t want to deal with buyer’s remorse.


Big ideas are important to you even on normal, boring days — but now, when your mind is filled with great energy, you can hardly contain yourself! It’s a great time for you to get others on your side.


Lots of things need to get done today — and they’re all on your list! Make sure that you’re taking care of the high-priority stuff first, as you can’t leave all the big stuff until tomorrow.


Your friends have the time to show you what’s what today, so make sure you’re paying attention and asking the right questions. Things are sure to get better in the near future.


Communication requires greater care than usual today, so make sure that you’re picking your words as if they were expensive gifts. It’s not too hard for you to get your point across.




Something new is in the air, and you need to get the conversation going about what to do next. Things could be really different if you want, but you’ve got to take that first step.


You need to be more careful today. Things might seem to be going your way, but that just means that you’ve got some wiggle room when your competition starts to really take off.


You feel more enthused about something you were dreading. It may be that there are hidden facets, or maybe your mental energy is just right for whatever task is at hand. Go for it and then have fun!


Don’t beat around the bush today — you need to deal with events as they happen. If others start to derail your conversation, cut them off (politely, if possible) and get back to the important stuff.


Your creative ideas are legendary, and you should find that your energy is best spent on the big issues that others seem to be neglecting. Your notion of the big picture is paramount.


This is a bad day for big moves, even promotions. If you’re stuck between Point A and Point B, try to just hunker down and wait for tomorrow, which should be much better for travel.


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