Horoscopes 4/12/12


Make sure that your people know what you’re all about today — you can’t tolerate mistakes where your reputation is concerned! Make sure that at least one person is working PR for you.


You should be able to pick up on some new ideas or information, thanks to the efforts of one good friend to help you see things from a new POV. Of course, your great personal energy helps quite a bit!


You need to deal with something that someone wants to keep hidden. It may be as simple as a recipe, or it could be a conspiracy to keep you from that big promotion. Either way, your brain is up to the challenge.


You need to deal with someone who thinks they are pulling something over on you. That could lead to almost any kind of confrontation, but your energy suggests that it ought to be fairly low-key.


Pay close attention to what your people are trying to tell you — though not necessarily what they are actually saying! You need to get the inside dope before you can take any meaningful action today.


Your ambitious side is dominant today, which is a welcome change — and it may force you to take actions that cascade into something really wonderful for you and your people! Let it work its magic.


You feel too weird to let today’s hot-button issue slide — and that’s fine! You may not be in the best position to change anything, but your voice must be heard if you want to get there eventually


You find it easier to hang out with people you usually can’t stand today, which could make work or socializing quite a bit easier. It could also make your love life weird, if a sudden crush appears out of nowhere.


You don’t have to turn into a hoarder, but now is a good time to hang onto things you might want to use later. Old shopping bags, mailer coupons, whatever comes to mind. Consider it an exercise.



A colleague or friend is quite impressed with your latest achievement — as long as they hear about it! You might not have to do anything to spread the word, but it may be a good idea to check to see if they heard.


Try not to worry too much about today’s fiasco — there’s nothing you can do but hide away and let it blow over! The good news is that this should clear the air between you and a friend or colleague.


You get a boost from someone in a real position to help today — though you may not even realize they were working on your behalf! If it’s behind the scenes, enjoy it; if not, give thanks!



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