horoscopes 4-19-12




You are feeling excited and enthusiastic over a new person or project — and it’s contagious! Your amazing energy keeps those around you alive and engaged with whatever’s going on.


You may panic when you remember something big today, but don’t just zip online and buy whatever it is you think you need. It’s almost certain that you can either borrow it or go without for a bit longer.


Your people are all on your side again — any little fractures should have healed by now. One of them needs to give you some advice, though neither of you may recognize it as such until tomorrow or the next day.


Try not to overreact today — though that might be easier said than done! Your emotions are closer to the edge than usual, and that could mean that you need to just remove yourself from the fray.


You are learning something new today — maybe something important, maybe something small and silly, but definitely something fascinating! Your great mental energy makes it easy to absorb it all.


You may rediscover an old sense of purpose — that thing you thought you had lost? Now is the time to regroup and push yourself to new heights. When you’re determined, it can all come together.



You are more involved with people today in almost every way — so spread the love around! Your sweetie (or crush) deserves some attention, of course, but not all of it. Be as generous as you can.


Watch your health today! Of course, that’s great advice on most days, but your head is in the right space to make positive lifestyle adjustments today, so it’s especially apt right now.


Even if you have no patience for video games or other supposedly fun distractions, give one a try today. Your ferocious energy needs competition, but you can’t be bothered with a real life-or-death struggle just yet.


You need to deal with some issues related to stability and permanence today — maybe you’re craving it, or maybe you need to settle something once and for all. You can pull it off!


You are feeling a bit less chill than usual, but that doesn’t matter — you can still handle your social life with your usual good graces. In fact, if you keep it low-key, things should be great!


A thick fog settles in, metaphorically speaking, and you may as well hole up where you are — there’s no cutting through this one! The good news is it offers time for quiet reflection.


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