Horoscopes 5-10-12


You need to take it easy today — speed kills, you know! Though you may feel put upon with deadlines or other heavy business, this is not the time to rush. Take one step at a time and avoid mistakes.



You meet someone new who is all fired up and intense over an issue that doesn’t mean anything to you. It might start to get more interesting thanks to their way with words, so listen up!



You need to avoid confusion today — but there’s so much of it around! Expect weird conversations and email threads to get out of control unless you ask what people are talking about.



You are having a hard time making yourself understood today. That doesn’t mean you need to stop talking (though that may be tempting), just that you need to ask people to parrot back what you said.



You need to help a friend today — though they may be reluctant to ask for your assistance. Use that intuition of yours to divine the right one and then get to work on their behalf behind the scenes.



You know the difference between healthy ambition and megalomania better than most — and you know which side of the equation you fall on today! Use your good energy to make a name for yourself.



You may be feeling the urge to cry or just hide away today — for no good reason that you can discern. Of course, if you do have a good reason, go for it, but otherwise, try to thicken your skin.



You need to sign on the dotted line today — even if you still have doubts. Your energy and fate are intertwined today, and you should find that whatever agreements you cement now are as good as gold.



Things are weirder than ever — and for you, that is saying a lot! You may find that your energy is better spent on quieter projects than on dealing with all the madness that surrounds you.


Your fantastic energy yields a major accomplishment by the end of the day. It may be work related, romantic or spiritual, but you should remember to give thanks to whichever power you are invested in.



You just aren’t sure why things are going the way they’re going today — but don’t worry! Your energy is better spent on basic, boring stuff than on tracking down conspiracies or stirring up trouble.



Your leadership skills are tested today — and, most likely, pass with flying colors! It may all be on the down-low, or you may step up and assume a more public role in your organization.


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