You need to deal with your cultural longings today — soak up some art, take in a concert or just browse photos online until your clicking finger is sore. Your great energy guarantees some real finds!


Try to meet up with someone new today — there’s someone who can really help you waiting in the wings, and all you have to do is invite them on stage. Things may take off soon!


Circumstances are changing today, and you need to make sure that your ideas change right along with them. Preconceptions only get you in trouble on a day like today, so be flexible.


Your ability to help your people is directly correlated with your willingness to refrain from judgment. That may be hard, as most other people are throwing their judgments around all over the place!


Your bright, energetic nature is making life much better for those around you — and yourself, of course! Make sure that you’re taking care of the people whom you care most about.


Your daring nature is making life more interesting — which could mean riskier, too! That should work out, as most others around you are taking bigger risks too, so it should average out pretty well.


Your emotional energy is perfectly well suited to today’s big, crazy business — so make sure that you’re front and center for the proceedings! You can roll with the punches and laugh at all the right times


You pride yourself on your willpower, but today brings someone who can bypass that to get straight through to your impulsive side. You may try to resist, but you’re better off just getting out of there!


Watch out for the people making their way through your life today — you can pick up on all sorts of subtle signals. Your great mental and emotional energies help you read them all right the first time.


Try a little discipline today — not in the sense of punishment, but just keeping yourself (and others, maybe) on task. See if you can talk your people into working longer to get everything done.


Your own people are making your life even easier than usual, so see if you can get them to introduce you to more of their people. Networking is a huge deal for you on a day like today!


Think through what you’re trying to say before you say it today — things are getting weird for you, and that could mean that you’ve got to reel in any off-the-cuff replies for a bit.



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