Whatever else you do today, make sure you avoid bottling up your emotions. It doesn’t take long for them to explode, and you’d rather be in control of them than a horrified onlooker!



Is your love life stagnating? If you’re single, now is definitely the time to take a risk. If you’re part of a couple, it’s harder but more fruitful — just sit down and start talking. It all gets better soon!



You may be a bit scattered today, so write out everything you need to do and then get to work! If you can’t force yourself to get organized, you might want to ask a good friend for assistance.



It’s a day full of possibilities for you, so make the most of this great energy! If you want to start or restart something, now is the best time, as the world is looking to you for cues. Show it what you want!



This is not the time to think everything through rationally — but, of course, you should still listen to reason. Just trust your gut first and foremost, and only check it if a good friend says you should.



Try to spend more time around people today — they need you, but you also need them. It may be that you come up short financially and need a boost, or that one key friend has the skills you need to move forward.



Try to stay as flexible as possible today — otherwise, you’re likely to fall behind. If you can adjust to a new schedule or accommodate a new request, you are sure to score some big points!



Your great energy needs fuel — so get out there and feed it! You definitely crave novelty, which could come from nearly anywhere, so get out there and find something new and wild to try.



Your people need you! It may be a real crisis or just an emotional boo-boo, but your presence and attention are required. You may find that you’re spread too thin, but just do what you can.



You need to wander today — even if you’re locked down at work or home with a sick kid. You may have to just go with internet ramblings, but if you can take off somewhere new, you should!



Its time to move on! Whether you’re retreating from a bad date or getting out of a terrible job, you need to leave the past firmly behind and set out for your next big challenge. Things are looking up!



Your dreams are carefully composed dramas that are trying to teach you something — especially tonight! Pay close attention to the little details, if possible, and see what comes of them.


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