Your drive and motivation are everything right now — and you should find that your energy is best spent sparingly. Focus it all in one direction and you should see great dividends soon!



Try not to worry all that much about your emotional state — you are sure to feel more grounded early on today. In fact, you may find that what felt like a burden is actually a blessing!



Watch out for new rules — especially those that come from people you know and trust! It’s hard for you to accept authority when it’s so close to home, but for now you may be better off letting it happen.



Things are looking up, most likely — but if this seems wrong to you, then that means it’s time for a quick adjustment to your perspective! You’ve got the means to pull up out of any rut.



Your confidence and righteousness may rub others the wrong way today, so try to wrap then up in a big blanket of humility. It may feel weird, but it’s the best way to get others to notice.



Your romantic energy is heightened today, so if you’re single, get out there! If you’re already seeing someone, it may be time to get more serious. Whatever you do, have fun with it!



Your past is not as distant as you would like — someone or something comes back to haunt you today. It may be that it ends up as nothing much to fret over, but you may have to work to make it right.



Your plans are great — but you need to take action on them! Start today, even if it’s just something small. You should be able to make serious progress, but only if you actually get to work.



You are always true to your values — even when you can feel them start to change, as they are today. You should be able to make sense of it all by the time you’re through this phase, though it may take some work.



You can work all night if you must — but the odds are that you don’t really need to. Things are looking good, and you should find that your energy is stable for as long as you need it to be.



You feel the walls start to close in on you — and no, you’re not going insane. It’s just that new rules are starting to make themselves known, and you may need to just cope with new restrictions — for now.



Life is easy right now — maybe too much so! You need to make sure that you’re asking the right questions and checking in with the right people in order to make the most of this great time.


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