Horoscopes 6-14-12


You just don’t feel right today if you’re not in motion — or at least making things happen! If you must slow down, make it a brief pit stop instead of a full-on refueling session. You can do this!



You aren’t really feeling the same pressure that your people are today — but you can tell that they’re going to be difficult if you don’t try to match their pace. It’s your call, though, so don’t worry too much.



Try to speak up early on — your voice has to be heard today! There may be lots of folks vying for attention, but you should be able to impress the right people and get things done your way.



You remember a vital detail that may make the difference between success and failure in today’s work. It’s one of those traits that make you so handy to keep around for crunch times like this!



You are learning today, which is not so unusual in and of itself. It’s what you’re learning that’s kind of crazy — it could be an obscure language, a bit of old family dirt or something to do with your spiritual belief.



Sharing is great under good circumstances — but today’s not the best. You need to stake out a claim and keep interlopers from making off with whatever you feel is your rightful share



You are still intently focused on other people, though you may broaden your scope somewhat today. You can get people to see things your way using your famous friendly persuasion.



Launch that wild business idea — or see if you can get your friends to take off with you on an impromptu road trip. Anything you want to do is much easier, thanks to your focused energy.



Good times tend to lead to romance with you — and vice versa — so make sure that you’re at that big party or listening to what your sweetie wants to do tonight. Almost anything is possible!


Something small that pops up this morning reminds you of your heritage. It may start you on a quest for more info, or it could put you back in touch with far-flung relatives. Go with it!



Even those who usually are quite skeptical are fairly easy to persuade today — even though your ideas have never been more advanced! Make sure that your energy is spent on the right people, though.



If you feel like you’re stuck in a maze of twisty passages, just keep one hand on a wall until you find your way out. A little grounding can go a long way toward making you feel secure.



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