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Real life hero’s

Since the shooting in Aurora, I started thinking about all the bad things that people do. Then I began looking up the complete opposite, because in a world like ours with so much violence, it’s nice to hear that there are good people out there. When Christian Bale visited those patients that survived the shooting, it really showed me that almost anyone could be a hero. It doesn’t matter if you save someone’s life or even just influence their life to the point where it changes them. I researched everyday hero’s and I was surprised to see that there is hundreds, if not thousands of real hero’s out there. I read that one of the people who died in the Batman shooting literally put his body on top of his girlfriend’s so that she would be safe. He pushed her down and sat there and told her to “shh… it will be ok” and the next thing she knows, he’s dead. I can’t imagine what I would do in that exact situation, and honestly I don’t think anyone would really know until they are in that position. It’s sad that in this day and age, that we can’t even go to a mall or a theatre without having to worry for our safety. Reading all these accounts of every day hero’s reminds me that there are good people and that is exactly why I’m writing this. If you could name someone that is a hero in your eyes, who would it be? A teacher? A parent? I see hero’s every day, my mother overcomes a lot of things every day, and teachers/professors are there five days a week and helping you learn so that you can become a better smarter person. So no matter your place in the world, just know that to someone else, you might be a hero. If you would like to read about real everyday hero’s then click the link at the bottom of the page and it will direct you to an amazing website.




One week left!

This week is my last week in class before graduation. It’s funny because when I started at this school I had so many expectations on what I would learn. I honestly think that this is the best program for students in broadcasting because it teaches you so much about this business and at the same time allows you to be in the industry by interning. I interned at one of our local country stations and I LOVED IT! I pushed myself to do things (like not sleep) and I’m so glad I did. I’ve not only learned so much about this industry but about myself as well. I gained so many new friends and I have truly been blessed to be at this school in this class and have probably the best internship anyone can ask for. The station I interned for helped me gain the experience I needed not only to graduate but also to get a job. They went above and beyond for me, and I’m so glad that I chose to go intern there, and glad they let me. I don’t know what else to say to everyone other than thank you so much for the support and help! I hope I will stay in contact with EVERYONE I have met and worked with because each and every one of them has helped me in some way become the person I am now! Thank you!


-Christine ❤

Last school project!

Hey check out my classes last project! today 1:30-5:30 click on the listen live, and its under news! :Cleveland Campus Station Days is happening Thursday, July 5th at 9am!

Thanks everyone and I hope you like!!

4th of JULY!

If you don’t get out to see the fireworks this evening then here you go! ENJOY!

Hello Everyone!

Its sad to say that this Thursday will be my last show on I have been doing this show since about October of last year and I have had so much fun doing it! I can’t thank everyone who listens in to the show enough! I hope that you will all hear me on a radio station soon enough! If you like the snackpakshow then I believe my friend and I might start to do more of a video podcast on here but I will have to keep you updated about that. There is so much that I have learned doing this, about myself and radio. Keep stopping back here and I will continue to post blogs and video’s for your entertainment. Thanks again and don’t forget to tune in on Thursday for the last snackpakshow on (the alternative station).