Sad news

Yesterday night I was hanging with my brother, and he informed me that one of my nieces half brother has cancer. He is only 6 years old. Cancer is a really horrible thing and has touched my family in many ways. My mother had colon cancer (beat it), my moms aunt had cancer ( lost battle), my cousin and now my nephew. He might not be my actual nephew but to me and my family he is. Its still the beginning of things to come for him but there is much we dont know just yet. Were not sure they type of cancer or what stage its in. We are hoping that it is in an early stage because then maybe they can get rid of it. The only reason we found it was because he got hit pretty had during his football practice and then started to get sick. They said that they probably wouldn’t have found it if he didn’t get hurt because they had no signs. I will be keeping everyone informed but as of now its just a testing and waiting game. All we know is that it looks like a horse shoe and it is wrapped around his kidney. He’s such a good little boy and it’s so sad that he (actually anyone) should have to deal with this at such a young age. I would like to ask everyone to keep him in their thoughts and prayers and hopefully we got it early and can beat this.


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