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Life is grand!

I am so happy with how things have been looking recently. I finally have a job that I can look forward to going to, which I am so excited about. I just finished my third day of training, and I think I am now able to board opp all by myself. I am also learning other things in the department so I can start doing more for the company. I am just so happy with everything. My boyfriend has been so amazing with me changing jobs and with being sick, which sadly has happened a lot recently due to all the colds and flu’s that are going around. This nasty bug has hit me twice in the same month, but nothing can take me off my good mood. People at Clear Channel are so nice and inviting and I am just so happy to be back with them. Has anyone else felt like this when it comes to your job? I also am getting some backlash about taking this job. I have had people say that I am not going anywhere in the business but honestly I don’t care what they have to say because I know that I am a hard worker who will do whatever it takes to succeed. I love what I am doing and I think that is rewarding enough without pay… but everyone needs to get paid for what they do haha. I just say let the people talk and say what they want because at the end of the day, what you do and how you feel is the only thing that should matter. So if you have been put down for doing something that you love… ignore them and continue working hard because you can succeed if you try your best, and that’s all that people can ask of you. 🙂 Have a safe and wonderful week!



A lot has happened

Hey everyone! So a lot has happened since I wrote last. Turns out my nephew will be just fine and it was just a blood clot. I also have some wonderful news that I got a job! I am now a board operator and promotions team member for Clear Channel! I had my first day of training yesterday and I have to say that I’m very excited to go back. I put in a month notice at my job so I will have a lot more free time soon! I think it’s been a wonderful year so far and I can’t wait for what life has for me in 2013. Thanksgiving was great… had a lot of great food and got to see my family so it was amazing. How was your Thanksgiving? Christmas is right around the corner and  I just started doing my Christmas shopping but I will be done soon enough. I can’t wait to be able to blog so much more about what’s going on in my life in the future. I have a feeling that I will have much to write about because I am thinking of volunteering at a shelter or something around the holiday’s or taking some classes at my local library. I know they have stuff like knitting but I’m not too sure what else they offer. If you know of any fun or interesting thing that you can take free or cheap classes please feel free to let me know. Or if there is any class that you have personally taken that you enjoyed. I hope to talk to you soon and thank you so much for taking your time out to read and look around the site. ❤ Happy holiday’s!