I feel stupid

Well Yesterday I found out my company won’t be around much longer so that basically means I will be out of a job. I’m so mad! I just started this job 2 weeks ago, and I specifically asked if they are staying in the lease longer because I need to have a job, and I was giving up a job with benefits and everything. Now if I try to ask for my job back they would either laugh and say no, or  I will get my job back and never get to be manager again. UGH. Why is it that everytime things start going right, they seem to all fall apart. I’m a hard worker and I deserve better. I’m mad at everyone for lying to me but I’m also just so mad at myself. How could I give up a sure thing for this! Now I’m going to be stressed out, which is the reason I left my old job. The thing that sucks the most is my friend is the one who told me to come here and that I was safe. Now I’m screwed.

They did say that I could possibly get a new job with the company that is coming in here, but I don’t even know what company that is. I hope things work out because I don’t know what I will be able to do if they don’t.



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