My Bucket List.

So I have seen a lot of people doing this recently, and it got me thinking about what I would like to accomplish in my lifetime.  So I sat there for days and thought about my life nice and hard, trying to think of things that I would really find enjoyment out of. I came up with my list and I figured that I can add to it every once in a while on here and that maybe this will get other people thinking too. So I will be posting things on my bucket list and marking them in a list when I accomplish it. Life is short and there is no reason why everyone shouldn’t enjoy it every once in a while. So Please feel free to add something or even post your bucket list on here, and maybe we can give each other ideas, and see the progress we all have. So here it goes…


1. Sky dive.

2. Host my own radio show.

3. Learn how to speak another language (and use it).

4. Visit Australia.

5. Get Married and have a family.

6. Own my own house.

7. Buy my dream car.

8. Own my own business.

9. Start a Non-profit organization.

10. Go on a cruise.

11. Sit in first class on an airplane.

12. See the Circus.

13. Go to Hawaii.

14. Ski or Snowboard down Mount Everest (don’t know about this one).

15. Swim with Dolphin

16. See CHICAGO live.

17. Help someone accomplish a goal

18. Lean how to Cook full meals (haha, never been a cooker)

19. Learn how to knit.

20. Learn CPR

21. Learn how to sew (again)

22. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

23. Make someones life better

24. Help a needy family

25. Take my family on Vacation


1. Parasailing.

2. Public Speaking.

3. Interned at a radio station (WGAR 99.5).

4. Traveled to Florida.

5. Went on an all girls vacation.

This is what I have at this moment and please feel free to put your list on here or give me a few ideas, and maybe you can take some of mine.

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