Christine Marie Tabar

111 River Rock Way

Berea, Ohio




OBJECTIVE:  To obtain a position in the broadcasting field where trained skills can be applied and enhanced.



            * Proficient in Cool Edit & Adobe Audition             * Improvisational skills

            * Interpersonal communication skills                        * 3 years sales experience

            * Write, produce, and edit radio commercials           * Language arts

            * Fluent in Nextgen                                                   * Microsoft Word

            * Public Speaking                                                      * Microsoft Excel

            * Excellent team member                                           * Microsoft PowerPoint



            Ohio Center for Broadcasting

Currently enrolled                                         Anticipated Grad August 2012

Cuyahoga Community College

                               Associate of Arts                                                                          2010-2011

Cleveland State University

                               Studied Social Work                                                                     2008-2009



Clear Channel – Intern                                                             Oct 2011-August 2nd 2012

    Brian & LeeAnn Morning Show – 99.5 WGAR

     * Promotions

                             * Organize show prep

                             * Edited segments for 5 o’clock club

                             * Call Screener

                             * Edited promos

                             * Managed web content   

I-Tech – Full-time sales.

Cleveland Hopkins Airport                                                                     Sept 2009-present

     *Managerial duties

     *Customer service

     *Maintain a clean and organized work space


*Refrences upon request*

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