A lot has happened

Hey everyone! So a lot has happened since I wrote last. Turns out my nephew will be just fine and it was just a blood clot. I also have some wonderful news that I got a job! I am now a board operator and promotions team member for Clear Channel! I had my first day of training yesterday and I have to say that I’m very excited to go back. I put in a month notice at my job so I will have a lot more free time soon! I think it’s been a wonderful year so far and I can’t wait for what life has for me in 2013. Thanksgiving was great… had a lot of great food and got to see my family so it was amazing. How was your Thanksgiving? Christmas is right around the corner and  I just started doing my Christmas shopping but I will be done soon enough. I can’t wait to be able to blog so much more about what’s going on in my life in the future. I have a feeling that I will have much to write about because I am thinking of volunteering at a shelter or something around the holiday’s or taking some classes at my local library. I know they have stuff like knitting but I’m not too sure what else they offer. If you know of any fun or interesting thing that you can take free or cheap classes please feel free to let me know. Or if there is any class that you have personally taken that you enjoyed. I hope to talk to you soon and thank you so much for taking your time out to read and look around the site. ❤ Happy holiday’s!


Sad news

Yesterday night I was hanging with my brother, and he informed me that one of my nieces half brother has cancer. He is only 6 years old. Cancer is a really horrible thing and has touched my family in many ways. My mother had colon cancer (beat it), my moms aunt had cancer ( lost battle), my cousin and now my nephew. He might not be my actual nephew but to me and my family he is. Its still the beginning of things to come for him but there is much we dont know just yet. Were not sure they type of cancer or what stage its in. We are hoping that it is in an early stage because then maybe they can get rid of it. The only reason we found it was because he got hit pretty had during his football practice and then started to get sick. They said that they probably wouldn’t have found it if he didn’t get hurt because they had no signs. I will be keeping everyone informed but as of now its just a testing and waiting game. All we know is that it looks like a horse shoe and it is wrapped around his kidney. He’s such a good little boy and it’s so sad that he (actually anyone) should have to deal with this at such a young age. I would like to ask everyone to keep him in their thoughts and prayers and hopefully we got it early and can beat this.

How is everyone?

Hey, How is everyone doing? I’m great, just been keeping busy between working both my part time and full time job and trying to find me a radio job. I have been able to catch up with a lot of friends and family since graduation and it’s been so nice. I do miss going to school so much and my internship is what I think I miss the most. I worked so hard and loved going in every morning… even though it was 5:30am. Being a part of a radio station is the best job that I could ever ask for. Not being able to find a job has also made me realize that maybe I should continue to further my education. I might go back part time, pretty sure that I will not be going back full time, but I do miss school. It’s weird that when we are in grade school, we are so excited for school to be over, but once it ends all I want to do is go back. I haven’t made my full decision because I’m still hoping that I will find a job and then I won’t need to go back, but i still might. I think learning is one of the best things people can do for themselves. I have done so much for myself this past year or two that I can’t even remember what I was like before going to The Ohio Center For Broadcasting. I learned so much from my teachers, and at the station. I can’t wait to be a part of another station. I have been sending my stuff out and waiting for that bite. I will be writing more often, so keep up with everything that’s going on here. Thanks for stopping and hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

Good Morning!


Hello everyone! How are you all doing today!? It’s such a beautiful day out and I can’t wait to be able to enjoy it. There has been a lot going on lately in the news with celebrities, and other stuff. Snookie had her baby last night. I’m not really a big fan of her or Jersey Shore but I am glad that her baby is healthy and I wish the best to her. It’s weird how much growing up you do in just a few short years. I have seen so many of my friends grow up into strong parents and it amazes me. I just can’t wait till one day I am the one who gets to post about my children and my life on sites, but for now it’s better that I wait. I have so much that I want to do in my life, and it’s about time I start. I have applied to a few places so far but I have not received much back but I still am staying positive because you really never know when opportunity will come knocking. I wish the best for all my friends, family, supporters and everyone else out there. ❤ Have a great day and be happy with who you are because if you’re not happy, then you can’t expect other people to be happy for you either.



Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been writing been so busy! This last weekend I got to take a trip to Daytona Beach with some of my family. It was so beautiful there other then the storms we got but completely worth going! Has anyone recently visited Daytona Beach? How about any other good vacation spots?


Graduation was awesome!

This past Friday, I graduated from the Ohio Center for Broadcasting. My entire class did such an amazing job throughtout this whole process. I had the entire graduation recorded but here is the awards that were given and congrats to all my fellow classmates! We finally did it, now it’s our time to shine and I know we all will!