I love to write, and all of these I have written myself. I write about happy times, sad times, and a bunch of other stuff, so please leave any comments good or bad. Hope you guys like.

The bath          

The one place I can be myself, where no one sees my pain.

With every tear I cry, it goes straight down the drain.

My eyes are wet, from water and tears.

It seems like ive been in this rut, for so many years.

The days pass, but the pain never leaves.

I feel like im the only one who actually cares anymore.

What happened to people actually giving a shit about one another,

Guess it went right down the drain, with the water, and tears.

Behind these eyes

Behind these eyes there are many tears

Behind this braveness there are so many fears

I look happy, when i’m really sad

Thinking of everything i could have had

Behind my smile there is a big frown

I feel as if i’m letting everyone down

I want to cry out for help But no one really understands how i feel inside

Pleasing others helps take my mind off my pain

But in the end, I have nothing to gain So behind these eyes, is someone that no one will ever understand.


Theres no one here I’m all alone

I talk to people on the phone

Even though there are people by my side

I think of ways that I could hide

I look at them, they look at me

They may look but they can’t see

What I feel in my heart

They cant see because I’m smart

I try not to show my feeling to them

because they may think that I am dumb

Things may look up just give it some time

You can wait it’s not a crime

So when your sitting there on your own

Think to yourself your not really alone

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